Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Here are our lives the last few weeks through the eyes of instagram.
 A brand new shelf for all the playroom toys. Built by Nathan and painted by Heidi.
Some really fun stickers that came in the mail.
 Loads of money spent on Pedialyte, meds, and doctors visits for our sick little Ethan who was vomiting non stop for over a week. We spent a lot of time at the doctors. It broke my heart to see him so sick but luckily he is back to normal and still happy and sweet.
 My new book from Nathan and a lens from my mother in law! I am finally starting to figure out this camera... ok well at least I am trying to figure out this camera.
Playing in the sandbox... in south Texas you spend all year outside.

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  1. Oh you got a nice new camera, jealous! And yes I finally admit it, I love living in Texas because you can go outside all year long!