Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Braunfels Children's Museum

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I saw some groupons for the Children's Museum in San Antonio and thought it would be fun to go one weekend when our husbands had a Friday off (they get every other Friday off). So we both headed to the Museum and arrived around the same time, only to find we had bought groupons to different Children's Museums. We went ahead and just scrapped our Groupon for the museum in San Antonio and went to the one where are friends were in New Braunfels. It ended up being a really great choice. The museum was just the right size and almost completely empty. Our little boys had a great time.

Ethan of course just hung out and watched while Caleb played. I will note that he did get in a pool for the first time this trip! It is funny because Caleb was in a pool at 3 weeks and here Ethan was just getting in for the first time at 4 months.


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