Saturday, March 23, 2013


We recently had some visitors and it was so much fun! It was a great weekend and it went by really fast. Unfortunately I didn't take very many pictures.
Chace, Rivka and their kids flew in on Wed, which also happened to be Chace's birthday so after picking them up from San Antonio and putting the little ones down for bed we celebrated with some cupcakes and blue bell ice cream.
Thursday we headed over to the Texas State Aquarium. It was spring break for ALL of Texas so the aquarium was packed with people. It was still fun and the kids even got to enjoy the splash park for a little bit.

 Friday we went to the new water park Hurricane Alley and it was sooooo cold!
Saturday we headed down to the beach. The usual 20-30 minute drive to the beach ended up taking well over an hour because of spring break. Luckily once we got down to Port Aransas we found a nice little spot free from college and high school "spring breakers."
 Sunday we headed up to San Antonio. We went on the river boat tour, stopped by the Alamo, and then had dinner at a really great place with a back patio that sat right at the edge of a playground. It was really great because we enjoyed our dinner why the kids ran and played and had a great time together.
Monday we went to SeaWorld. We had such a great time watching the shows, riding the rides, playing on the playground, and just hanging out. This was our first time at the park and it will not be our last (we bought season passes).
After SeaWorld we dropped Chace and Rivka off at the airport and they flew back to Washington. It was so sad to see them go and I know Caleb was so lonely in the backseat now that his partners in crime were gone. We had such a great time and our so glad they came! I can't say enough how much we love having visitors.

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