Sunday, April 28, 2013

a week of our lives

Our week via Instagram... in no particular order.
Thursday we were lucky enough to go see Disney on Ice. Our friends had a suite so we took the boys. Caleb loved the show. He did much better then we thought he would which is partly because there was lots of room for him to move around and unlimited popcorn and soda.
Sunday afternoon walk
Nathan finally got a truck. We had been searching for a long time for a truck with low miles in our price range and after about 6 months of searching and a lot of bargaining with Mike Shaw we finally have a truck.
Saturday night I went to the ballet. They were performing Cinderella (one of my girls from church was in it). After the ballet another girl took us to her parents restaurant Vietnam where we were treated to a pretty amazing assortment of the menu. The food was AMAZING but after looking at the prices on the menu I am not sure Nathan and I will be back anytime soon.
Caleb and his friend Slade

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