Monday, April 22, 2013

7 months

Do you see that little sign that says 2 months? Ya it is supposed to have a 7 on it. Oh well that is just a really good indicator of how last week went. Oh well, here is our cute little man in all his glory.
-weened himself from his pacifier
-finally sleeping in the same room as Caleb for both naps and nightime
- is sitting up really well
-still hates babyfood
-loves vanilla wafers and animal crackers
-is way to attached to his Mom
-loves being in the stroller
-loves being outside
-loves to be held
-taking 2 great naps a day and still sleeping 12 hours at night
-scoots around
-rolling over to get to things he wants
-wearing 6 month clothes
-loves to watch Caleb

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