Saturday, May 25, 2013

a visit from a friend

Melanie came to visit last weekend and we had such a great time! On our way to pick her up we stopped by the mailbox and Caleb had his own card from Aunt Hana. She has been sending him post cards from Alaska and he is loving it.
 After we picked her up we spent the day at Sea world and then proceeded to have the worst dinner EVER at Cheddars, the food wasn't the problem it was the children. We have vowed to never take our children out to eat again.
Saturday we both ran beach to bay! It was such a fun race and I am thankful for all the volunteers who give up there time to make it happen.

 After beach to bay we headed to the beach. It was actually a little cold and windy but we still had a great time and Ethan was such a cute little beach bum.
 Monday we headed up to San Antonio to take Melanie back to the airport but before we could do that we stopped a few places. First was the Children's Museum downtown; I actually wanted to use this when Hana was visiting but ended up with a Migraine and we didn't make it, sorry Hana.
 Ethan was so excited to see himself in the mirror.

 I am not sure if we went for the children or for Melanie to try and beat this game...
 After the museum we took the boys to get ice cream and Ethan went to town. He won't eat much but we can now add ice cream to the short list.
 Finally, we stopped at Breckenridge park so Caleb could ride the train. I am so glad we stopped. He was so excited to see that train (he is going through a train phase) and loved every minute of the ride.
We then dropped Melanie off at the airport and headed back to home. We are so glad she came to visit. We love visitors and have been really spoiled this year with so many.

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