Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Our lives have been very busy, but wonderful these past few weeks. Nathan has been hard at work on the chicken mansion (I will try and get some pictures this weekend of all the progress) and I have been soaking up the sweet summertime with these two little men.
Ethan discovered baby Einstein and he is in love.

I took Caleb to get donuts on the morning of his 2nd birthday, I think this might become a new little birthday tradition.

Both Ethan and Caleb were spoiled with new "sperrys" by a good friend.

 Caleb is positive he is a dog. He fetches, crawls around on all fours, and if you are really lucky you might just get a lick or two on your feet from him.

We have been blessed with lots of play dates with friends thanks to all the new little babies being born in the area.

I have dabbled into cooking a little more and have recently found refuge in the Pioneer Woman cookbook.

And then sometimes we let our kids do things we swore we would never do like get out of the cart and play with the toys....
or worse, watch Bob the Builder while they are eating lunch.
We also have had some excitement/scare this past week in our extended family. We welcomed a new niece into the world, Blythe Penelope who we will get to meet in less then two months and my dad had a heartache and spent some time in the hospital. So between church assignments, work, family life, and all the extras we are keeping very busy and very happy.

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