Thursday, August 1, 2013

picture overload

I won't even try to make this post flow because it is just a bunch of pictures depicting the last few weeks, which have been very busy.
July 20th Flint Hills had a family picnic day. Caleb loved these bounce house slides and it was fun but overall we were a little disappointed and hope we go back to Hurricane Alley next year.
Nathan has been working hard on the chicken coop (more on that later) and so as a thank you Tia got him a 2 inch T-bone steak. Nathan had previously told her that it was his dream meal. I was way to afraid to cook, considering the cost so Nathan made a rub and grilled it up. It was AMAZING!
 Almost two weeks ago I headed out to McAllen with 8 of the girls from church to a youth conference. There were over 200 hundred kids there and the girls had a great time! These are just a few of the girls and leaders doing a service project.
Caleb has been trying to be just like mom and dad lately and as a result he tried to put on makeup using my brushes and toothpaste.
 Last week Nathan was in Minnesota for a work training so I took the week off cooking and we spent a few nights at Mcdonalds, we don't love the food but we do love the great play place they have.
 Caleb and Benson playing stick pull at the ward pioneer days. This is right after Nathan and Anthony did a pull of their own and ended up breaking the stick.
This picture almost brings me to tears... Monday our really great friends moved to Utah to be closer to family. I am devastated. When we first moved here they were one of the first people to invite us over and since then we have become so close.  There was really a day that went by that I didn't see Lynette and our kids weren't together playing. We surely will miss them.
 Lastly, James came to visit. We gave him Nathan's old civic so he flew down when school got out in Rexburg to drive the car back to Oklahoma. We didn't do a ton because it was kind of a crazy weekend but we did make it to Sea World and Aquatica. It was such a fun day!

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  1. After all these years, James still can't smile.