Wednesday, November 20, 2013

chicken update

Here is a little update on the chicken coop. The actually coop is done except being painted. It looks great and I really hope the little chickens love it. Now we have moved on to the garden areas. All 4 key hole gardens are done. Those are the big brick circles in the middle. They are basically a drought resistant garden that they use in Africa that Tia has been studying. They are some what of a trial so we really hope they work out. Last weekend Nathan and a friend trenched about a foot deep all around the garden areas so they can screen in the entire thing. The screen will go down about a foot so that nothing can get in or out of the chicken mansion. I am so excited because there is finally light at the end of this tunnel.

While Nathan was out working on the chicken mansion I thought it would be a good idea to pick up some Subway for lunch (if I don't feed Nathan while he works he doesn't eat, and gets very grumpy). Well needless to say it was a bad idea because I ran into a poll coming around the drive through corner. Luckily Nathan was able to get all the paint off with finger nail polish remover (who knew?) but the dents are going to have to stay for awhile. They are pretty small but it still breaks my heart a little bit every time I see them.

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