Saturday, December 21, 2013

About a week before Halloween Ethan busted his eye open on the side of the tub.  Nathan was at school and Caleb was almost in bed so I just cleaned it up and held him until it stopped bleeding. I knew the cut was pretty bad but I wasn't sure it was bad enough for stitches so I just used some liquid band aid and butterfly bandages to close up the gap. That worked really great for a few days.
Halloween night we took the boys out trick or treating and the loved it. After we came back we sat in the back of the truck and passed out candy. Ethan was playing around and hit his eye again on the side of the truck. this time it busted open and blood was pouring out everywhere. We debated for a few seconds on what to do and decided to take him over to Tia's (our doctor and good friend) house. When we got there she said it needed stitches so we could either go to her office and stitch him up or we could pin him down and she could use a liquid suture she has on hand that they use in the OR at the hospital. We opted for the liquid suture and pinned him down while she closed up the wound and while it dried. I won't lie all the crying and the pain really broke my heart. The liquid suture worked great and it didn't open again. He still has a pretty good and very noticeable scar from the two incidents but we are so happy we were able to avoid the emergency room. Thank you Tia!

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