Sunday, January 3, 2016


We had a wonderful Christmas season this year. We watched several miracles unfold with those around us and we were able to participate in a number of service activities. It's always fun to see and participate in Christ centered activities. This year we were able to take the kids with us Christmas shopping for our angel tree names. They each had a name. We told them about the kids and then they picked out some clothes and toys for that child. We thought it went really well and were feeling a little too proud. The next day we woke up to Caleb and Ethan playing with one of the toys. They told us they were still planning on giving it away, they just wanted to test it out first. That was a little bit of a set back. Better luck next year.

I was able to participate in both boys Christmas parties. Calebs at his school and Ethan's at our house with the joy school kids. We made cookies, gingerbread houses and snowmen. They were both fun.

For Christmas all three kids got power wheels. We decided this year to just do one big gift and a few stocking stuffers instead of lots of gifts. It was a great idea. The boys are having such a great time with the power wheels and we love having them play outside so much. 

We also continued our tradition of new pajamas and a movie on Christmas Eve.

We had several people visiting for Christmas so I decided to put on a nice Christmas dinner. 

We tried to fill the evenings before Christmas with fun things like going to rhema to see the lights, picking out Christmas ornaments and participating in local Christmas activities.

A few weeks before Christmas the wards split leaving us with 4 wards in one building and no time for a traditional party. We got out of church at 5 at the time so our ward decided to have a longer longer potluck the Sunday before Christmas. Caleb was lucky enough to be the Shepard in the nativity.

We also added a few new Christmas decorations to our collection. Including this awesome nativity created by our good friend.

Christmas was wonderful. We love the season and all the friends, family and joy it brings with it.

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