Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 days of Thanks

Day 13: Flint Hills Resources; I am so grateful for Nathans job. It may not be the worlds greatest job but it most certainly has been a blessing in our lives. Flint Hills has not only given Nathan a job but they have provided a job good enough that with a little sacrifice I am able to stay home with Caleb and we still have sufficient for our need. I also can say how grateful I am for those who work at Flint Hills with Nathan and their kindness. Ever since we have moved here the people that Nathan work with have been nothing but kind to us. When Caleb was born we were showered with gifts, meals, visits, and extra days off for Nathan. It was such a blessing after Caleb's ruff delivery and not having any family around to help. So thank you to Flint Hills for employing Nathan and thank you to everyone who works there that have been so generous.

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