Monday, November 28, 2011

30 days of Thanks

Day 28: Caleb's Blessing, It is customary in our Church for new babies to be given a Name and a Blessing. This is usually done by their Father and he can invite other male church members to join in (usually family or very close friends). These blessings typically take place within a month or two after the baby is born.

Sunday November 27, 2011 Nathan was able to bless Caleb at church. We waited a little longer because it was really important to us that our family was there. I feel so grateful that we were able to have so many wonderful family members and friends in attendance. I am also grateful that Nathan was able to give Caleb this sweet blessing.

My heart was truly grateful at this time for both Caleb and Nathan and the bond these two share. The blessing was beautiful and Caleb was on his absolute best behavior the whole time.

*I was kind of bummed because for the first time ever it was cold and windy and we didn't take very many pictures of this special day.

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