Monday, November 28, 2011

30 days of Thanks

Day 27: Water, I am so Thankful for water. Obviously water is completely necessary for our survival but I also love living by such a large body of water. We spend so much time out at the beach walking, eating, swimming, playing and just hanging out with our little family or a big group of friends. Best of all it is all FREE entertainment! I never thought I would live by the beach but now we do and we love it.

I also love water for so many other reasons. In fact I was born under water (my mom did one of those water bath births with my sister and I when we lived in California, which I hope to some day try). I love that I can draw a hot bath and soak in it after a hard day. I love to drink it and would chose it over any other beverage (as long as it's cold of course). I am grateful that I can jump into a swimming pool and cool off when it is 110 degrees outside. I am really just ever so grateful for water and all of its uses.

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