Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ethan is 1!

I can hardly believe this little boy turned one September 18th. The time has flown by with two little boys running around. Ethan is really starting to shine through with his little personality, we were always concerned that Caleb was going to beat up on him or overtake him with his strong personality but Ethan has recently shown us not only is he as stubborn he can take Caleb down in a few tackles.

-Ethan weighs almost 20 pounds
-loves to watch baby Einstein
-is the worlds pickiest eater
-loves to wrestle and tackle Caleb
-loves when Nathan comes home from work
-loves his Mama more then anyone/anything
-is a really great climber and has recently started climbing on the table and chairs
-loves being outside and in the stroller
-loves to be held
-loves baths
-hates bedtime and naptime
-hates anything remotely healthy
-has 7 teeth
-unlike Caleb is not a huge fan of strangers
-still wearing 6-9 month clothing, he is a tiny little guy with a lot of fight

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